Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd.

We are very proud to have the support of Saracen Horse Feeds. Since leaving Carl Hesters we have always fed Saracen exemplary feeds. Saracen Horse Feeds have a wide range of well balanced feeds that keep our horses in super condition. Saracen are partnered with KER (Kentucky Equine Research) aiming to "enhance the understanding of equine nutrition and exercise physiology, and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses." At DL Dressage we always look to improve our management and value the importance of good nutrition at the top of this list.

The majority of our yard are fed on Saracen own balancers namely Essential Balancer (Pellet) or Stamm 30ⓡ (Stud & Performance Balancer) to make sure that our horses are always receiving there basic nutritional requirements. For those horses of a more laid back disposition we may add Speed Mix (High Energy Mix) and for those that struggle with maintaining condition we will use Show Improver Cubes or Equi-Jewel (High Fat Weight Gain Supplement).

With Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd. we feel assured that with their team of outstanding nutritionists and feeds that we really are in the best hands! 

We have also been working with Saracen and the KER Clock It App to provide information for a research document on the fitness of dressage horses from Novice to Advanced.


Helen Murphy Performance Saddles Ltd & Selleria Equipe

Helen Murphy Performance Saddles and Selleria Equipe are working together to support us with the most beautiful Italian Saddles. We have used Helen for many years since working with Carl so many years ago. She ensures that our saddles fit both our horses and ourselves in the best way possible. It is so important that our horses are comfortable during training and shows to make sure that they really are a 'happy athlete' and to ensure they reach their potential. Sadly one saddle doesn't fit all so we are so grateful to have the support of both companies to make sure each saddle fits are perfectly as possible.


UVEX Helmets and Glasses

Riding helmets of uvex sports. No fear of falling, thanks to ultra-stable design and perfect fit for every head!

UVEX Helmets are stylish, comfortable and safe. The sunglasses do a fantastic job of tinting the light yet are extremely well fitting meaning you can work and ride all day long in them without knowing you've got them on. A top product!